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There are plenty of routes for Fatbike cycling in Imatra’s surroundings and Ukonniemi’s outdoor terrains. Longer bicycle excursions are nice in the beautiful landscape of Saimaa’s beaches and varied terrains. We hire Fatbikes at Hossukan Helmi experience centre and we organise guided bicycle tours.

The Fatbikes and e-fatbikes are available in two different frame sizes; M and L. The bikes have 11 gears and they are light to cycle. A helmet is included in the hire price. The hire times of the fatbikes start from two hours, but you can also hire a bike for the entire weekend.


We organise guided fatbike trips in the stunning terrains of Ukonniemi, Hosseinlahti and Rauha, and we hire bikes for private use. We rent also e-fatbikes.

Hire prices:

  • 3h / 40€
  • day / 60€
  • weekend / 120€
  • Guided excursions, duration 1h – 1.5h 60€/person

e-fatbike hire prices:

  • 3h / 60€
  • day 80€
  • Guided excursions, duration 1h – 1,5h 80€/person

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