Sumo wrestling

Try out the traditional Japanese sport – in a format that is more fun than ever! All you need is a sufficiently large and flat space for the wrestling mat. Then you just have to put on the sumo wrestling suit, and you are ready to take on a challenge. Sumo wrestling is suitable for everyone and we can guarantee that you will not be able to resist laughing!

Note: Separate superhero sumo suits with giant soft wrestling gloves are also available for children.


The programme package includes:

  • 2 sumo wrestling suits
  • 2 helmets
  • 2 neck supports
  • 4×4 metre wrestling tatami

Special instructions:

  • You will need approximately 2 metres of free space in both directions around the tatami,
    e. the total required space is approximately 5 x 5 metres.
  • During the summer season, this is easy to arrange e.g. in a lawn area, such as in your own garden or in a park. Indoors during the winter season.

You can order either a guided event from us or hire a package for your own use.


  • As a guided event 120 €/hour
  • Hire price 200 €/day or 250 €/weekend
  • Request a quote for your group.

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