Paintball PRO en

In paintball, dye-filled capsules are shot with a marker. Opponents are aimed to be eliminated from the game by marking them with a paintball hit. There are several game formats: so-called scenario games which involve a story and various capture-the-flag games. In each one, players have to run, move and avoid being marked, while either trying to achieve a set objective or mark the opponent players.



The Paintball Pro package includes more paintballs and equipment than the Basic package. You can either book a pre-prepared and guided paintball event at Imatra or you can hire the paintball guns and safety equipment for your own use.

The Paintball Pro package includes:

  • Marker, mask, protective overall, pressure bottle, ammunition belt, safety gloves and 500 paintballs per player.
  • Opportunity to use the playing field in Imatra
  • Guidance for using the equipment as well as game rules


  • 48€ / person
  • Request a quote for your group.
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